MY LIFE’S UNEXPECTED PLOT TWIST (personal transparency)

I'm a writer + filmmaker. i love a good plot twist... but nothing could've prepare me for what 3rd quarter of 2017 threw at me. because, life, is the real MVP of storytelling.

2nd quarter of 2017, i was in the midst of mapping out a strategy for #SHIELDthefilm production (most of you may remember my first campaigning efforts for my film about foster care). but in July-- an out-of-the-blue seizure + a frantic 4-hour-drama ER visit later, it was discovered my beloved boyfriend had a brain tumor + had to have an awake craniotomy.

there was a whirlwind of preparation that had to be done + in the midst of it all-- as much as i love my art + know it is my calling/destiny, i love my guy as well. he wasn't going to go through it alone. so, i pressed pause on #SHIELDthefilm + made sure i did everything i could to not only ensure he survived, but thrived.

8 months later, he's survivin' + thrivin'. Me? I'M BACK AT IT.

the month of May is two-fold meaningful for me: It's National Foster Care Awareness Month + Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  our colors are blue + gray.

in honor of  Brain Tumor Awareness + my favorite guy, I'll be wearing a gray support bracelet all month. in honor of National Foster Care Awareness + #SHIELDthefilm, our team (Meraki Society + Form and Pressure Films) will be wearing blue bracelets + launching a Seed and Spark crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our film! WE HOPE YOU ALL SUPPORT! SPREAD THE WORD. i love you all. xo. -DE💙🎥📝✍🏾🙏🏾 #film #screenwriter #filmmaker #SHIELDthefilm #MERAKIsociety #nationalfostercareawarenessmonth #fostercareawareness #fostercare #braintumor #braintumorawareness